A little bit about Me


I’m Mariana Lungu - a morning person, a former police officer, and software engineer at ASEE.org.

I wanted to pursue tech so in 2016 I decided to go all out, and spend 13 weeks as a student at GA, where I focused on Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Active Record, JavaScript, ReactJS, Express & NodeJS, MongoDB/Mongoose.



Coming from a background of physics and policing I am highly driven.

Right after college, I came to the United States, and I have had several different jobs, and I have traveled and moved a lot.

One of the places that I have lived and loved was Panama City, Florida.

The beaches are fantastic with pretty white and and are considered “The world’s most beautiful beaches”


I’m a type A/C personality, and I’m not at peace, unless I have a set of challenges in front of me.

On my free time I read 📚, meditate 🧘🏻, go to the gym and sometimes do yoga.

I enjoy spending time with my family, like hiking ⛰️ in the summertime and snowboarding 🏂 on the winter season.

Portland hike

White Tail snowboarding